I'm working at Testomato since beginning as co-founder & developer. Testomato starts almost ten years ago as one man project based on ideas of Michal Illich. Testomato is a cloud-based automated website monitoring tool for checks any type of websites and alerts you to problems. It's fast and easiest way to monitor websites automatically! Testomato can check your website 300 times a day. How often do you?

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Zdrojak.cz is one of the most famous Czech magazines about development. I am there since the rebirth as the lead developer and site administrator. Current version is build on Wordpress and multiple in-house plugins, modifications and tweaks.

Technologies & Tools

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A rocket 🚀 fast, 💭 lightweight and flexible static site 🤖 generator


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  • ozana.cz - My personal website
  • tailwind-debug - Tailwind debug plugin adds a red dashed outline for the selected element
  • ozzyczech.cz - My personal blog...
  • cmd-dialog - Command dialog and keyboard shortcuts palette for web apps.
  • dotfiles - OzzyCzech dotfiles for macOS
  • icalparser - Simple ical parser for PHP
  • potrans - Command line tool for translate Gettext with Google Translator API or DeepL API
  • webpack-the-right-way - An example how to Configure Webpack for development / production env
  • wticons - Website development and technology icons bundle
  • recepty.ozzyczech.cz - Recepty
  • mock-to-openapi - Cli tool (and library) for converting JSON mock objects to OpenAPI schemas
  • tailwind-dropdowns - Simple dropdown with Tailwind and Vanilla JS
  • gpsrinex - Parse GPS navigation messages in the RINEX format
  • screenshots - Just screenshots...
  • heiconvert - Convert any image to heic
  • routing - Ultra simple and fast (only 5 functions!!!) route => callback mapper for PHP
  • OzzyCzech - About me
  • docker-lemp - Wordpress docker-compose basic configuration
  • avatar - Ma avatar
  • subreddit-image-downloader - Download all images in subreddit with simple bash script
  • omPreformat - Wordpress Plugin for adding preformatted text to post easily
  • opml - My OPML backup
  • omZoom - Wordpress plugin for zooming images like Medium
  • MHO-C401 - Read Temperature and Huminidy from MHO-C401 with Python3
  • picard - Je to matný, marný, marný
  • fromArray - fromArray trait allow create objects instances loaded with initial data array
  • fjx.cz - WIP :)
  • omLightbox - Simple Lightbox for Wordpress
  • blank - Blank Wordpress Theme with Twitter Boostrap
  • omSocialLogin - Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn login for Wordpress
  • picture-structure-helpers - Bash script for mac to organize images to structure
  • webpack2-postcss-cssnext - Webpack 2 + PostCSS + CSSnext
  • events - Simple event dispatching library for PHP
  • config - Fastest PHP config ever
  • omTaxonomyImages - Add images for taxonomies
  • omUserPhotos - Wordpress Plugin that allow add custom user photo
  • omLinks - Wordpress plugin in post URL replacement
  • omRememberMe - Always remember Wordpress user for ever after successful login
  • omEmoji - Wordpress plugin for enable all emoticons
  • omShares - A Wordpress plugin that automatically update number of shares via different social networks
  • omSuggestContent - A Wordpress plugin for suggest post content from registered users.
  • es6protractor - E2E testing with Protractor + Babel + ES6
  • url - Simple and fast PHP library to parse and manipulate with URLs
  • wpoptions - Wordpress options storage
  • wpdocument - Wordpress document model

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